Top Street Food Dishes in France

There were once strict regulations as well as fear of malbouffe which kept France  from getting into street food but that has since changed.  You can now get street food in the country. Here are  some of the most famous street foods 


It was originally derived from the Genovese farinata.  Socca ultimately became the specialty of Nice, France. It is  a street food staple in that area. 

The traditional flatbread is made with chickpea flour, olive oil, salt, and pepper. Once the batter is prepared, they then  transfer it  to a wide pan. It is then placed in the oven at very high temperature.

The batter baked until the socca hardens and until it begins to slightly burn on the edges. 

Once baked,  the socca is sliced into pieces and seasoned with salt, pepper, and also a drizzle of olive oil. 

It is  served as an appetizer with cheese, olives, and a glass of rosé on the side.


This is a  classic street food item which  hails from French Brittany.

 It is from the department of Ille-et-Vilaine.  It is usually sold at food trucks, galette saucisse consists of a cold buckwheat crêpe and is wrapped around a warm grilled pork sausage.

You can complement it using mustard.

There are also other options which includes mayonnaise or ketchup, cheese as well as other garnishes. 

The dish is believed to have been invented in the early 15th century. The first versions are believed to have been  prepared with pork offal.

You will enjoy with a glass of Breton cider on the side.

Maguez Frites

Merguez frites is a  Parisian street dish staple.

It is  a sandwich that consists of a cheap baguette stuffed with charred, cumin-laced merguez lamb sausages, fiery harissa, and heaps of pommes frites.

It has an influence of North African cuisine, in which the key ingredient of this sandwich is found, the spicy lamb sausages known as merguez.

Apart from the general ingredients, other people also like catch-up. 

others like Dijon mustard as extra condiments, while the others sometimes do not  serve it on a baguette, but use a hot dog bun instead.

 Merguez frites is particularly popular in Montmartre and the Marais.

Pommes Frites

Pommes Frites are very popular, there are not many dishes that are as popular as this dish in the world. 

They were originally invented in Belgium. The dish is very simple, it is  made out of potatoes that are cut into lengthwise strips and deep-fried in hot oil. There is however rivalry between France and Belgium concerning the exact origin of pommes frites. Belgians celebrate this dis more than any nation in the world.  

Street Markets in Paris

An additional great way to obtain delicious and cheap fast food in Paris is to go take a stroll at one of the city’s outside markets. 

Most marketplaces, both permanent and temporary , have a few stands selling quiches, sandwiches or regional specialties 

Other Counties’ Fast Food in France

There are Mediterranean Specialties and Indian Specialties that you can buy in the streets.

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