Healthy Diet

There are a lot of articles on nutrition, one can be confused by some of the articles because some of them are conflicting.

Eating healthy food is the best thing that one can do. eating healthy food can help boost  your immune system. This can give your body in fighting symptoms of diseases and viruses like COVID-19. 

What is a Healthy Diet?

Eating healthy is not about starving yourself, making yourself unrealistically thin  or even depriving yourself the foods that you love.  It is however about improving your health, energy as well as improving your mood.

Eating a healthy diet should not be complicated, there are so many experts who will tell you one thing about certain nutrients and how they are good for you. Others will also tell you tell you exactly the opposite.  The foundation of having a healthy diet should be avoiding processed, your overall  dietary Patten is the most important thing. 

You should try by all means to eat foods that are natural, foods that are not processed because these are the foods that can change the way that you look, feel and even the way you think.

Basics of Healthy Eating

There is need for you to balance foods like protein, fat, car0bohydrates, fiber minerals as well as vitamins.  This should be done in order to sustain a healthy body, you do not need to completely eliminate these foods.  Instead of eliminating the foods, you shod try to find healthier options. 


Proteins are essential in your diet, they give you energy and also ensure that your mood is supported. They also support your cognitive function. However,  too much protein can harm you if you have kidney disease. A recent research has revealed that people need more high quality protein especially as they age. 

There is however no need for you  to eat more animal products. There are a lot of plants that contain proteins. 


There are good fats and bad fats. Not all fats will harm your body, there are fats that that can protect your brain, a good example of these fats are omega 3s. Some fats can however are not good for your body.  Having healthy fats in your diet can increase your wellbeing and even help you trim your waistline.


Diets with high fiber can help lower the risk of heart disease, stroke, and diabetes. These foods include grain, vegetables, nuts beans among other foods. Fiber can also help you lose weight as well as improve your skin.


If you do not get enough calcium in your body can contribute to anxiety, also it can lead to osteoporosis.  In addition to that, you can also find yourself having depression and sleep difficulties.  You should aim to reduce foods that reduces calcium and eat foods which contains high protein.  Vitamins D and K helps calcium do its job, make sure you include these food. you need calsiumj no matter what your age or gender is.


 Foods that contain carbohydrates are good sources of energy. However you should avoid refined sour8ces of carbohydrates.  Try to eat whole grain foods.

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